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Gordon January 31, at 8: Having them in tight uniforms helps but we also get women of strength, power, intelligence and their own drive to impress you. A woman who looks genetically engineered for being on a magazine cover. It changed the game majorly, bringing fantastic science fiction drama and action along with terrific character growth and helping create the modern geek culture as we know it. Unknown April 26, at 6: People do everything they can to make themselves She was previously married to Alexander Siddig

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She was an actress and producer, known for Star Trek:

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TV Premiere Dates

No matter the actress, Uhura was always one of the biggest parts of the franchise and standing tall among groundbreaking sexy women in science fiction. However, the soldier was the part that made her hotter no matter who she could romance and Visitor spent seven seasons showing why a woman who can take any man down is among the sexier of any species. But on board the Enterprise, she tussled with Worf, stood up to mean old Baldy, and was quite a little charmer. A former Borg, Seven was freed and spent her time trying to rediscover her humanity in various adventures, many putting her in very hot uniforms. Martha Hackett was terrific in the role, showing off wicked sides, playing everyone she could, seducing a Kazon leader for her own ends and so big that after she was killed off, a fun episode had her returning in holographic form for a further scheme. The revealing jumpsuit doesn't hurt her appeal, either.

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star trek sexiest women
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star trek sexiest women
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