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There are multiple references and panels throughout the comics and animation that he was mentally, emotionally and physically abusive to his daughter, Raven What the hell is going on here? Presumably to keep the parasite at bay. Cleavage, legs and more cleavage fill the frame as she moves about restlessly, talking to him about her issues managing the Titansparticularly with the new Robin. Led by the seemingly innocent yet incredibly badass Princess Starfire, they lead role model lives in their tower while trying to be normal teens.

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Starfire moves on and calls the next pair to train before the group, as though they had simply been discussing what to have for dinner.

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The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. And we at CBR thought our families were complicated! It is no secret that Cy loves to eat. From endless fart jokes, to ridiculous silly songs about the bathroom, to shots of cleavage and innuendos aplenty, as well as more absurd, gross and mind bending antics, this List about the Teen Titans will have you looking at them in a totally new light. Sorry, Dick, maybe next time. A fresh take on sports:

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