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Behold the Lamb This is the infamous show where Jesus is dramatically crucified—twice every day. As a result, many walk on sexual eggshells. Please follow these guidelines before commenting on our website: Would you like to guess what my husband and I have found to be the best aphrodisiac available? Barring any sexual activities specifically forbidden in Scripture such as adultery or prostitutionthere is complete freedom in the marriage bed to mutually experiment, explore and enjoy all of the many wonders of human sexuality. The only odd things on the forbidden list are bathing suits and costumes.

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From this, I can only deduce that this place smells like a crotch.

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Sinful Sex at TBN and a Motor Home for Jan Crouch's Dogs Alleged in Lawsuit

Jesus helped the sick and lame. These views and sentiments may be well-intentioned and may come from very sincere Christians who deeply love the Lord, but one can be truly sincere yet still sincerely wrong. A coaching client once asked me, "Why did God create us in such a way that we have physiological responses to our emotions? Only sex can do all that—and it does all that quite well! Performers playing Jesus and the High Priest are on a walk outside the Bible museum.

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