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I'm sure you can understand why it appeals to me. Yes, Edward is a dick for not telling Bella he was married. Perhaps he'd be interested in starting a relationship after I graduate. By the time she's left me alone, Mr. Or will that little bit of info put an end to… whatever this is? With a deep breath, I bend forward until my chest is lying on top of it. My eyes widen as he reaches beneath my dress with both hands, grasping the sides of my underwear.

Cullen smiles at me, and it's like a chorus of angels singing… seriously, I don't think I've seen this man smile before.

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How could the most important event of my life have meant nothing at all to him? You have already reported for this video! Dropping my backpack to the floor, I reach out with shaking hands. I can feel every inch of his big thick dick as he pumps in and out, his hands gripping my ass tightly. He's wearing them again — the blue pants that seem to show off the considerable size of his dick better than any other pair he owns.

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  1. Plus, if there's any intro I wanna watch most, it's Romi Rain. The woman just oozes nuclear sexual energy and it's insane.