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The series title, "Hysterical Literature," alludes to Victorian-era treatments for female "hysteria," which often incorporated vibrating patients. My obsession grew and began affecting my body image, my relationship with my husband in and out of the bedroom—my entire view on sex changed. Your Name Email address: I wanted to see what people would react to more: To join our community, just fill out the form below. Coupled with this convenience, these stories feature narrators with very sultry voices. But just to be safe, you should probably keep those headphones on and lock your door if you have kids or parents in the house.

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So what are the harms of these?

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Online Erotic Short Stories Come in Literature, Audio and Video

I'm attempting to lead them back to something real. Check out all our styles in our online store, or click below to shop:. Do I want my husband to control my life choices or even what we do in the bedroom? Cruelty, horror, and humiliation are each their own genres. Help spread the word on the harmful nature of pornography, in all of its forms. He married me because he wanted an equal partner to support and be supported by. I developed several porn-induced fetishes and found that I had to think about the things that I read about in order to be turned on for sex or achieve an orgasm.

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women reading erotic stories
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women reading erotic stories
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