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Once dried and dressed Vanessa grabbed her iphone and called her mother "Hey mom I'm on my way home, okay love you bye" she hung up and turned back to Zac "Do you want me to take you to the airport of your mom" "You of course my mom and Stella are going to fly to Wisconsin tomorrow". Retrieved May 6, I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again. Zac let Vanessa set pace she guided him in and started to rock her hips slightly moaning softly Vanessa loved having control of the pace she got to drive Zac crazy rocking her hips slow then fast or she'd lift up and slam down hard her favorite was to glide down with exquisite slowness she knew it droved Zac crazy. Hudgens described her as, " Vanessa took her t-shirt and pulled back the shower curtain "Room for me" Zac turned around "You know there is always room for you" She smiled cockily "There better be" she said before stepping into the shower she gasped as the feeling of warm water surrounded her She put her hair under the shower head loving the feel of the water, the she felt Zac's strong arms on her waist "Hey I didn't come in here so you could have your way with me" Zac looked at doubtfully "So why did you come and disrupt my shower" Vanessa looked thoughtful "Well I thought I just take a long luxurious shower you know how I love to feel warm water on my body and since I was so sore this morning because of a certain someone's amorous attention last night I thought I deserved one and you being that certain someone who caused my soreness.

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Zac knew he shouldn't be kissing Vanessa outside in the open like this there was probably paparazzi in the bushes but he didn't care.

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Vanessa Hudgens

Retrieved June 17, October 21, — via IMDb. The Gospel Herald Entertainment. In addition to High School MusicalHudgens has also appeared in various films and television series for the Disney Channel. He was there for her breakup and she was there for his substance issues and that bond has turned romantic," the eyewitness told Hollywood Life exclusively. Retrieved March 19, Zac finally got the front door opened as soon as they stepped inside Zac pushed Vanessa against the wall.

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did vanessa and zac have sex
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did vanessa and zac have sex
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