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However, contrary to our predictions, the older stallion showed greater oestrus discrimination of dominant than subordinate females. How do your relationships usually end? You need to Log in or Sign Up to post a comment. Honestly, I really prefer mares I know in real life. I would say we have intercourse at least once a week.

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This leads me to the penetrative sex.

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Does your wife mind when that happens? The younger stallion showed higher oestrus discrimination of subordinate and barren mares, as predicted, but female age and rank did not seem to affect mate choice. Do you dress up for her? Has she always known about your interest in mares? It has been suggested that stallions may be able to detect the timing of mare ovulation [ 8 ], although no evidence that stallions preferred to mate with mares that were closest to ovulation was found [ 9 ]. Dominance relationships were determined on the basis of agonistic-related interactions. Frequencies of mating attempts were computed from focal sampling data.

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