Sex scandles cheer leaders

The report adds to the growing pile of evidence that NFL cheerleaders across the league are forced to work under unfair conditions, and, as suggested by the women who spoke to the Times, often beyond the confines of their jobs on the football field. Kobe Bryant and sex scandal - another pair of words that can't be separated for some reason, only this one's kind of on the cleaner side for Kobe. When Shanna didn't make the team, Wanda blamed it on a girl named Amber Heath. Apparently NFL cheerleaders of every age are equally prone to scandals. The Craziest Sports Stories Of

After the video surfaced on YouTube, the six accused of taking part in the beating — and two male lookouts — were brought up on battery and false-imprisonment charges.

Wanda put her daughter Shanna in gymnastics for years in anticipation of making the squad. Everyone knows about all the scandal that surrounds Kobe Bryant allegedly cheating on his wife Vanessa Bryant. Courtney Simpson grew up in a devout Mormon family. They must block them on social media, for example, and avoid them in real life. Crime, treachery, infidelity — you name it. Courtesy of Dana Presley Killmer. As you would expect in the digital age of the 21st Century, the photos went viral in a matter of hours and set off yet another massive debate about racial sensitivity and appropriate conduct for NFL cheerleaders.

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