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Naruto who was hearing this also smiled but when he looked towards Kushina he panicked. If Normal chakra were useless then use the Nature chakra and Biju chakra for help. Life was good and he wished it would stay like this. He met up the Nine-Biju, who were in their human forms. He may have died that day but he became immortal in the hearts of many. The Kiss itself was the ultimate aphrodisiac. The Nine Bijuu gave me a part of their chakra when I was born thus making me a Psuedo Jhinchuriki, saying that this would help me in future.

Yahoooo, that was one hell of threesome.


Even though she couldn't become mother she loved Minato's other children like they were her own. Miya gave him a blank stare as if asking are you kidding me, "You know that as the Nine Bijuu gave me there chakra, their collective chakra inside me has very good medical effect on living organism. Fearing the life of his mother's Naruto hugged Miya from the behind and tried to calm her, "Please Maxi-maa, she wants to see happy and that's why she asked my help. She activated her doujutsu and found out it was Hanabi. The Western Empire formulated the plan to kidnap me and use me as the weapon of mass destruction against my country and the rest of the world. But it was the Third World war which changed his destiny. He was a prodigy from the early age of his life.

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  1. But none of these kids could ever, no matter what. She is good, and doesn't even know any of these people even exist. Yet they hate and call her names LOL That's pathetic.