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Adult Written by kurra April 9, And for as much time as there is spent fighting, there's just as much time spent on the camaraderie of the eponymous Titans. I've been hoping for it to come back on for soooooo long!!! I've watched it when I was 4!!!! There are many more characters in "The Teen Titans" television series, and many more plots and subplots in the series. Want more stories like this?

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I'm a little disappointed by cyborg and robin, their character development didn't go as well as the other titans

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Parent reviews for Teen Titans

It's awesome, but there's a lot of violence, and not in the cartoonish way! Yes, there is combat, but it wouldn't be a superhero show if there wasn't. Terra then turns upon Slade, and during the ensuing fight, she loses control of her emotions, and by extension, her superpowers, and accidentally triggers a volcano under the city. Raven is likely the most deep and serious character of all, the most interesting and intense episodes are revolving around her. I'm grown now I have 2 kids and I still like this show.

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teen titans episode full sex comics
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teen titans episode full sex comics
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