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Anne Hathaway is a beloved actress for the wide range of roles she has taken over the years. How are we even supposed to care about S. Lullabies of Broadway 33 and A Game of You: Don't Call It A Comeback: Not only did she hold her own opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, but she also shocked Hollywood in one particular scene where she stripped down completely.

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Unlike the later movies, where the actors seem more influenced in the paycheck than the actual material, the collection of D-listers Sassone brought together for this project seem genuinely engaged in the movie.

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Today, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most high-profile actresses in the world, but it was her casting as Black Widow for Iron Man 2 that elevated her to blockbuster stardom. Oscar winner Julie Andrews will appear in 'Aquaman'. We all know that Ritter has had no problem getting intimate on set based on how she and Mike Colter carried on in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. When you hear the name Nick Furya picture of Samuel Jackson likely jumps in your head. But when we see him fighting to stop a mentally ill person trying to break into people's houses, that's something everyone can understand. Sure, some characters in the backgrounds or a few villains can be seen smoking, but anyone that the company deemed a positive role-model was banned from smoking.

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marvel heros go nude
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marvel heros go nude
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