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Thinking of Booth being turned on by any woman other than herself was definitely a non-smiling issue now that their relationship was intimate. Bones had announced, very matter of factly, while he was enjoying his breakfast of champions, warm apple pie, that she had started her period that morning and launched into a long winded discussion of how she was feeling, and asked that if he wasn't doing anything too important after lunch, could he pick her up some tampons as she was almost out. How the hell are they going to react if yours truly winds up on display in some art show sans clothes??? Sequel to A New Strategy. Posing for Angela will flush that happy thought right down the toilet! He wasn't too keen on flashing the goods all over, even if it wasn't live.

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Booth and Brennan to get naked in Bones

I'm sure you're portraits will turn out to be very, very good. Angela squealed in joy. This was simply for a good laugh. He was also always willing to spend time with Angela. I don't own, or profit from, these characters or franchise.

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