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Some of the ingredients in hair dyes have been suspected of causing cancer, but there are currently no well-done, human studies that show a definite, increased cancer risk. The benefits that are attached to using a bedwetting alarm are evident. Most permanent hair colors today uses hydrogen peroxide as a developer. I have been natural for four years now. Heat protectant sprays will help reduce moisture loss from inside the hair, smooth the outside of the hair, and protect your hair from humidity after heat styling which, in all, will help maintain your color. This will strip your hair of any oils that could block your color from penetrating the cuticle at a deeper level. If a temporary dye product gets into the eyes, it would be expected to cause minor irritation.

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The Effects of Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring While permanent artificial hair pigments penetrate the hair and settle deep in its core, semi-permanent hair pigments only coat the outer hair shaft.

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To Dye Or Not To Dye?

Bleach or hydrogen peroxide is often used to achieve very light shades on naturally dark hair. Synthetic dyes can be divided into two general categories: Many women believe that their hair color is boring. So in order for [dye] to penetrate through the cuticle, it has to be lifted up. Hair will absorb and lose moisture more quickly than it did prior to processing. Most permanent hair colors today uses hydrogen peroxide as a developer. Washing your hair every day is something you want to avoid if wanting your hair color to last longer.

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water penetrate into colored hair
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water penetrate into colored hair
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