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Sloman in his 50s, very attractive said to me, But, it's the same kind of sex. Ever heard about that? He was actually pretty fit, and fired my imagination a bit. My mind kept racing.

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As we continued to make small talk, I couldn't help but notice that he was continually trying to sneak a glance at my crotch.

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She remained impaled on my member when she leaned back and looked into my eyes, "I'm so glad it was you. I was at a hotel out of town for a conference. I was alone in the gang shower no dividersbut I could hear another guy changing so I thought he might be coming into the shower soon. Well, regular as in it's the only place I go, not that I go that often. I moved my hands and held her waist. The guy in one stall would tap his foot and you would respond, and eventually a hand would go under the partition. I loved it very hot, too hot for lots of people.

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