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These tips can help your child learn to keep his clothes on: Once he does learn unbuttoning, unzipping, and removing an arm from a sleeve, he'll most likely do it again and again -- simply because he can! And when it comes to scratchy and wet diapers, your child may not have the verbal skills and language yet to tell you she wants to remove her soggy diaper or that she needs to poop. She bares all when friends are visiting, and you've had to stop her from going buff in public more than once! When breathing stops, oxygen levels in the body drop and carbon dioxide levels rise.

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Try a Clothing Switcheroo.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

So people who have it don't reach a deeper, more restful level of sleep. Your little one's wearing an outfit one minute and then stripping down the next minute. How to Stop Your Toddler From Taking Clothes Off Though this newfound ability is something your child will obviously need in life, that doesn't mean it's okay for him to dump his duds whenever and wherever. So what's up with your kid's urge to be au naturel? This usually triggers the brain to wake us up to breathe. Teachers and others may think a child has ADHD or learning problems. My Toddler Came Without Instructions.

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