Cholerics of the opposite sex

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And in marriage we more often than not see opposite temperaments together. Intent on conquest, Cholerics thrive on challenges, and can easily get bored once the conquest is made, as Fire can consume itself. Knowing your temperamental weaknesses can help you reduce their impact on your life. I am good at sales? Phlegmatics seldom exert themselves with others or push their way along in their career, they just let it happen. Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Nevertheless, the Melancholic temperament isn't without its potential for perversion and dysfunction sexually; these arise from mental and emotional rigidity; rationalizing away one's feelings; and a tendency to get stuck, or obsessed.

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That's why he can take you to the bedroom without the slightest sex Education.

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Temperament and Personality

These people like nonsense and incongruous humor and have no problems laughing at themselves in order to make other people laugh. The trick is to match the personality to the situation - which very rarely happens in normal life. He may also have a tendency toward being sedentary and passive. There are sanguine women and sanguine men. Of these, the main center for healing and integration is the heart and its vital energies and life impulses:

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cholerics of the opposite sex
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cholerics of the opposite sex
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