Adult nursing relationships

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Some of us, though, can often crave being closer and having that extra bit of nurture. We seek out more cuddleskisses, sexual intimacyand touch to get closer to the person we love or enjoy being around. There is a way to fill that void — through an adult nursing relationship.

Keep reading to find out more. An adult nursing relationship involves two adults, one breastfeeding off the woman. We get it — it seems like a strange concept. In reality, it can be a quite unique experience for both parties. To understand the concept further, we have to understand the benefits for both genders, and why people would want to take part in adult nursing. How long have you been with your partner? Coming back to what we mentioned earlier about men craving more, adult nursing relationships can provide a sense of nurture.

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First of all, breastfeeding is a typical maternal role, and men start to fantasize about it, as it reminds them of their mother and they want to feel looked after. Likewise if lactating, everything produced by the body is natural, and often men enjoy this as they feel more connected to the person in front of them and the world around them. Sometimes our bodies just desire this. Especially when men have not had a great relationship with their mother growing up and need this void to be filled, some men are craving for that care they lacked in childhood.

Another reason why men may like it is that it satisfies their sexual fetishes. While there a wide range of sexual fetishes out there, believe it or not, a common one is adult nursing relationships. Many men find the thought of lactating breasts a massive turn-on. Similarly, they may have been breastfed a lot when young and crave the taste as a form of nostalgia.

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Finally, males may have only tried from a breast pump ly and want to try it from the breast. If your man is interested in sucking on your breasts and trying your milk, it may be because of its positive health effects. This can be through the form of playing, licking, and touching. When it comes to adult nursing, this is a lot more intense — and many women get turned on by it. When their breasts are stimulated more often, they can produce large amounts of milk. Men can be a great help with this, and it can make them satisfied and produce more.

Sometimes a lot of milk can build up in one breast, with less in the other, making her breasts unbalanced.

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To ease their frustration, their man can focus on sucking the bigger one to balance them again. However, initiating the conversation can be a bit daunting. Read on for a guide to make this experience as stress-free as possible. Most of the time, this is easier if you and he are both up for doing it. Plus, this is where honesty comes in; a relationship requires you both to be open. Chat about your feelings, and ask about his too. When it comes to breastfeeding males, you should consider why you want to or he wants to take part.

Is it for sexual arousal, to provide nurture, or stimulate more milk? Adult nursing relationships these goals before you begin breastfeeding. The best way to start is to begin playing with your nipples. Simply encourage him to lick, suck, play and massage to get him in the mood. Before beginning, you might want to try some new ways to bring excitement under the sheets and improve the sex life of your relationship. Here are some ideas you can try:. It can take some time to get into a rhythm or routine. Start with ways that will help you lactate more.

In fact, their breasts can easily be triggered to lactate at other times too! There are ways to get breast milk out of your body without being pregnant or having recently given birth! Certain hormones can help initiate lactation and will allow your partner to enjoy it. Similar to the hormones above, there are supplements you can take that will help with the lactation process. Galactagogues supplements are available without any prescription.

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Remember to stick to the instructions that come with the supplement. Have your partner arouse you and get the breasts stimulated before the session begins. The best way to do this is by massaging your breasts and sucking your nipples. If you do this consistently for a month, you may start producing milk. Many people start the relationship for arousal and a sense of nurture. Read about the 5 different types of couples to see which personality type your partner is.

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Adult nursing relationships

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Adult Nursing Relationship: What is it, and Why Should You Have One?