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We use cookies for a of reasons, such bitch lasagna origin keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content andproviding social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used. Snigdha Poonam in Delhi. For eight minutes last month, the Swedish video blogger PewDiePie was no longer king of the internet. Sincehis has been the most subscribed channel on YouTube, accumulating more than 80 million followers and millions of dollars from sharp, funny and occasionally controversial videos of himself playing video games. Many popular Indian YouTubers have since responded with their own diss tracks.

The battle goes on but, ultimately, there can be only one winner. This explosion of internet access has brought a wave of social change, but nothing as ubiquitous as the consumption of online videos. As many as million Indians watch YouTube on their phones each month — in farms and factories, buses and trains, homes and hotel rooms. Netflix, with approximately two million viewers there, is investing more in Indian content than it has done anywhere outside the US.

T-Series is one of the companies to have leveraged this rise in popularity most effectively. Founded bitch lasagna origin as a record label specialising in Hindi film music, it later expanded into film-making. From Bollywood songs to devotional s, T-Series owns a massive chunk of Indian popular music, and now millions are watching the videos for the songs on their mobiles. For many young Indians, YouTube itself is synonymous with the internet. They use it to ask questions, make friends and learn skills. Indeed, vying for video popularity with singers and make-up bloggers are maths and physics instructors.

Across India, young men and women are turning to the internet as their aspirations grow and income opportunities shrink amid falling employment. Some are developing mobile appssome using Facebook and WhatsApp to advertise and sell home-made products from blouses to pickles. Many are simply making videos to earn money and act as influencers. Some are pretty good at it. According to Marc Lefkowitz of YouTube, more than content creators in India have more than a million subscribers, compared with just 16 in Nagarwho is known on the platform as CarryMinatiposted his first video as a year-old.

He decided to answer back. Most Indian YouTubers follow the same business model. While PewDiePie is making his battle with T-Series one about independent creators versus corporate giants, CarryMinati and his team are simply busy growing their business. Nagar is so recognisable he can hardly leave the house any more.

Indeed, as he sees it, YouTube in India is only going to rise and rise. And India has the s. Fired up by the response to his diss track 1. Just watch how we slide past you without any effort. At the time of going to press, both boasted 89 million subscribers. Even politicians have taken an interest. Thanks to this, the wider world has heard of T-Series. It feels good. As a year-old entertainment empire, T-Series certainly has plenty of it:songs, 55, music videos, 28 channels in nine languages, 21 new films in the pipeline.

Her most popular video has been watched bitch lasagna origin Some tap into the irony of their double lives — good girls at home, bad girls outside — and some deal with taboo topics such as sex and periods. In a country where access to mobile phones remains highly gendered, Dixit takes pride in the fact that 80 per cent of her audience are women. More and more of her new viewers are from towns and villages. Dixit finds it empowering to express herself publicly, but also a little scary.

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They think you are talking one on one with them. They take you for their friend. They take everything I say seriously. I feel a sense of responsibility. The impact of internet access on the lives of young people in regional India goes deeper than for those in its cities.

Alongside music videos and comic clips, they search YouTube for tips on how to break out of their bleaker prospects — in income, education, skills and employment. Author and motivational speaker Bitch lasagna origin Madaan keeps his videos relatable and focused. Madaan, 31, began his career at the ticket counter of an airline company and moved on to training.

Inhe launched his YouTube channel. His videos are watched by anywhere between 50, and 12 million people. The majority are men. They are spread out, from Delhi and Mumbai to Jaipur and Jalandhar. They are either studying, working or looking for opportunities. They are not from an upper-income level.

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