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Malaysia is home to 2. The video, in which the moaning and shaking prisoner is struck six times, has spread quickly across the Internet, capturing headlines on the Web sites of some European newspapers and forcing the Malaysian government onto the defensive. He denied that use of the cane against illegal immigrants was widespread. Malaysia is home to an estimated 46, refugees, but just over 36, are registered with the U. High Commissioner for Refugees.

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The Rohingyas came in the s from Myanmar, but the government there disputes their origin and refuses to let them return. Malaysia views refugees as illegal immigrants since the country has yet to the Convention on the Status of Refugees, which has been ratified by more than nations. Illegal immigrants face a mandatory jail sentence of up to five years and up to six strokes of the cane.

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Males above 50 and women are exempted from caning. Lawyers and rights group advocates said Malaysia should ban caning, saying it was inhumane.

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