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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. You said that you wanted to have a real pussy for me, did you boy? No I didn't But that was just during sex? What happened? I want my cock back! Nothing happened. His pussy lips stayed wrapped around my cock and he cuntboy stories to cry.

And now you are truly my pussyboy forever. Tell me how good it feels to have a cunt boy. Tell me how much you love your new pussy. I won't. I don't want this. I don't I held him close and started to fuck him faster. And I am going to fuck this pussy anytime I want. His breathing increased and I could tell he was trying to fight the pleasure. I started to fuck him harder and watched myself in the mirror.

I saw his cunt lips wrap around my cock on every stroke and I couldn't hold back anymore. I started bucking hard and fucked his new pussy as deep as I could. He moaned and cried at the same time. Loving how good it felt but hating that he did. He reached down and felt my cock spread his lips and let out a sob.

That is what pushed me over the edge. My cock swelled and started to throb and I could feel his pussy tighten around cuntboy stories like he knew what was about to happen. I started to cum harder than I ever have before and saw my cock throb and spray deep into his cunt. He let out a moan and a shudder and covered his face with his hand. I realized that he had gotten cuntboy stories second orgasm from my cock in his swollen pussy.

I pulled his hands down from his face. Look at your new pussy and watch yourself cum again from my cock being inside you. You're my pussyboy now and forever. As he stared at my cock spreading his twat open and some cum leaked out. Followed by more pussy juice.

I have a pussy and a cock. I got surgery, only different from what most trans people have. I kept my natural pussy and now I've got a soft 4" cock, with balls that fade into my pussy lips. When they asked me how long to make my cock, I chose 4" so I'd be below most men.

My pussy is extremely tight and gets soaking wet now, a side effects from hormone replacement therapy. Daddy's the only guy who hasn't cum prematurely. But Daddy won't call my cock a cock, since I'm fem and submissive. I don't get to touch my "clit" when we fuck. Only Daddy can and he rarely bothers. Sometimes when he's switching back and forth from my pussy to my ass, his cock will miss and graze my balls. I love that. If I've been really good, for a long, long, long time, taking Daddy's cum anywhere and anytime he wants, Daddy will jerk my clit a few times while he fucks me.

But I'm not allowed to cum until he's finished. I knew he wanted me to have a real vagina. That is all I can dream about, now. Will he take me to a doctor and make it happen? I truly hope so. I want to feel my Daddy inside of me, using me, cumming into me. I want to be his woman! I want to get down on my knees before him, and let his member slip into me, and have him thrust, thrust, thrus, into me, until he releases great gobs of his sweet, white, pleasure cream into me. Then, maybe I will have his baby? Oh, I hope so! To those who have never experienced fucking either Lol a boy with a pussy is not anything like a girl without tits.

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Cuntboy stories

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