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For as long as Disney has been making movies, they've been telling love stories. From the fairy tale romances, to the tender animated tales of furry friends, and now, the live-action remakes of those very same films, Disney's movie catalogue is full of classic storybook romances.

A classic of the rom-com genre, While You Were Sleeping stars the always-charming Sandra Bullock as a daydreaming ticket collector with a crush on a regular Peter Gallagher who winds up getting mistaken for his fiance when he falls into a coma. Stuck in the lie, she bonds with the family, especially his brother the also-always-charming Bill Pullman in what has become disney chick flicks of the hallmarks of the Christmas romance genre.

Starring Brandy as the iconic princess - the first Black performer to play the role on screen, Cinderella surrounds the 90s pop queen with an ensemble of veteran screen and stage performers, including Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber as the King and Queen, Bernadette Peters as Cinderella's cruel stepmother, and of course, a glowing and glittering Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother.

The result is a bonafide musical production, completely committed to the antry, spectacle, and showmanship, with some damn good singers belting out Rodgers and Hammerstein's gorgeous melodies. Cinderella 's charms endure, not just for the nostalgic flashback factor, not just because it was a revolutionary moment in color-blind casting, but because it's a total treat to watch. Maybe you're in the mood for the feel-good Cinderella fairy tale but not such a fan of theatrics and musical storytelling. Not to worry! Ever After is just one of the downright loveliest movies out there.

Drew Barrymore brings her ature sweetness and ethereal energy to the famous character, though here, she's not named Cinderella, but Danielle de Barbarac. Staged as the "true story" behind the legend, Ever After stays close to the broad strokes of the myth but makes them even more human, tender, and relatable - heck, one of her step-sisters is even a super-sweetheart. Throw in some essential 90s glitter, a very charming prince, and Leonardo da Vinci because hey why notand Ever After is easily one of the best and most joyful romantic movies of its era. Yes, really! Hire the school bad boy Patrick Heath Ledger to go out with Kat.

Things take a turn when Patrick turns out to be a mighty fine gentleman, Bianca turns out to kind of suck, and Patrick and Kat genuinely hit it off. The iconic animated film Aladdin still works incredibly well today. The story chronicles a lowly street rat who falls for a princess then gets a genie to help him pretend to be a well-to-do gentlemen of note, in order to make her fall in love with him. The MCU movie tasked with following up Avengers: Endgamethe Ant-Man sequel provided a much-needed jolt of levity and love in the Thanos-devastated cinematic universe, picking up with Paul Rudd 's Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly 's Hope Van Dyne as they settle into their roles as co-heroes and more than flirty friends.

The film goes all-in on the lovefest by staging a mission to rescue Janet Van Dyne Michelle PfiefferHope's long-lost mother, from the Quantum Realm, setting up some particularly emotional stakes for Hank Pym Michael Douglas. Ant-Man and the Wasp is sweet, colorful, and breezy; a warm hangout movie with a flourish of romance that also happens to have one of the best stingers in MCU history.

A tale as old as time, indeed, but time hasn't made undisputed classic Beauty and the Beast any less gorgeous. The first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award—and with good reason— Beauty and the Beast stars Paige O'Hara as Belle, an intelligent young woman imprisoned by a prince cursed with the body of a monster Robby Benson.

The synopsis alone certainly sounds like something would've aged poorly, but there's just something to Beauty and the Beast that makes it one of Disney's most enduring stories. This is due in no small part to some of the best work ever produced by legendary duo lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken. The magic is still there. Pure screwball goofiness from start to finish, George of the Jungle is a throwback romantic adventure that works almost entirely thanks to the singular and relentless charms of Brendan Fraser. At the peak of his innocent fish-out-of-water schtick, Fraser lights up the screen as the cartoonish character, conjuring up some breezy chemistry with Leslie Mann 's Ursula Stanhope.

Cute as a button, relentlessly pleasant, and refreshingly willing to have a laugh at itself, the adaptation didn't fare well with critics when it landed, but it's a whole lot more fun than you're probably remembering. Cast: Craig T. Bob and Helen Parr, aka Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, are marriage goals.

They're mom and dad goals. They're just goals. The super-powered parents fight off crime while keeping their family happy and healthy, and making disney chick flicks look good thanks to the stunning animation from the folks at Pixar in one of their most beloved films. Brad Bird 's original animated superhero story is action-packed and full of genre thrills, but it's the Parr family, and specifically, Bob and Helen's marriage, that give the film such enduring heart.

The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement may not be the crown jewel on anyone'sbut my goodness, what star power this charming little Disney romance is packing. Directed by Gary Marshall from a screenplay by future TV power-player Shonda Rhimesthe sequel sees the return of Anne Hathaway 's Mia, disney chick flicks she comes to terms with being the princess of Genovia.

Turns out the crown comes with an antiquated patriarchal rule -- Mia can't become queen unless she's married in 30 days. It's goofy and lacks the wholesome charm of its predecessor, but The Princess Diaries 2 still goes a long disney chick flicks on the charm of Hathaway and Julie Andrewswith an added flourish of old-school Disney Princess romance.

The romance between robot trash compactor WALL-E—spending his days on an abandoned Earth cleaning up garbage—and EVE, an unmanned probe sent from one of many human colonies floating out in space to see if Earth is disney chick flicks uninhabitable. Their journey continuously tries to keep them apart, but the dogged perseverance of WALL-E and his big, warm heart bring them together again and again.

Spooky but not scary, moody but not gloomy. The tone is pitch-perfect, and the songs are downright addicting, as Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of an outsider looking for a place to belong, but going about it in all the wrong ways. And while Jack Skellington may be the star of the movie, Sally is its beating heart.

Set in New Orleans during the early 20th century, the story centered on Tiana, a working-class woman who dreamed of one day opening her own restaurant. This movie is also one of the few traditionally animated tales that Disney makes in the modern era. Image via Beuna Vista Pictures. Image via Disney. Image via 20th Century Fox. Image via Touchstone Pictures. Image via Walt Disney Animation Studios. Image via Marvel Studios. Image via Buena Vista Pictures. Image via Walt Disney Co. Share Share Tweet Comment. Collider Staff Articles Published.

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Disney chick flicks

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