Dope usernames for kik

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Nice, Sir. In Julyfrom all avalaible three-letter-username, I just found avalaible three-letter-username, include some reserved three-letter-usernames. ItsGunslinger I would expect almost all of these are taken by this point, this list was generated in Out of this list there are 41 without a user or org ased to them.

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However, I tried a few and they all appeared to be reserved. And there are probably some 3-long usernames with a - in the middle, which is the only other valid character. Add me on discord ny8. My username is: reese I'm at school right now but later I'll run a name checker and tell you one. Do you have discord? Please use this script instead of posting here for helpas posting here notifies everyone subscribed to this thread and gets annoying fast. The pure letter ones are not, but there are plenty of 3 character usernames if you include s and symbols. Thank you for sharing the list though pirate.

For all others who are visiting here, this small python script would help you in randomly generating 3 characters username which is available on github to claim. Cool checker but you think of an easier way to check them? in up. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 6 Stars 8 Forks 2. Embed What would you like to do?

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Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Untaken 3-letter Usernames on Github.

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None of these 3 letter-only usernames below are available anymore as of However, if you use s and symbols, or accept 4 letters, you can definitely find a free one. Check responsibly.

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This comment has been minimized. Copy link Quote reply. Owner Author. HA HA! But some 3 chars aren't taken yet. Yep, it has such a smug aura. A display name is different from a username. For example, github doesn't even support foreign characters in their usernames, and in most places the display name isn't even shown, and if it is, it's next to the username, like for example, on issue comments I'm displayed as "6gk", when my nick is "gk". And on the "contributors" part of the sidebar it says "gk 6gk" in different shades, to differentiate username and nickname display name.

Your not cool just because you have a short username. My username is: reese can you get me a name too? I didn't have much time because I've been switching operatiing systems every few days. BTW I just found an untaken 3 letter one earlier. Hi guys, my name sounds like onii, "o9i".

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Dope usernames for kik

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