Electrocution fetish

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AN alleged sex pest is facing 88 counts of attempted murder after convincing a of women - some as young as 15 - to shock themselves with a deadly volts of electricity. Known only as David G. David G. The "studies" were conducted over Skype, and would involve a young woman hooking up her feet to an electrical mains through a complicated series of wires, metal spoons and a metal nail between her toes. The fake doctor was so persuasive that some "participants" even got their parents involved in the bizarre experiments, a court heard.

One victim, named as Natalie Electrocution fetish. Every muscle cramped, my back spasmed, I struggled to breathe and was lying o the floor. On my hand I got a blister. The sex scam was only exposed when one the year-old alleged "participant" collapsed and lost consciousness on three separate occasions due to the deathly dangerous amount of electricity. Cops found over videos of the "experiments," all of young women's feet and all administering large amounts of electricity into their bodies.

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Speaking to the court the prosecuter said: "The victims believed he was a scientist and there was no danger to them to carry out the experiment, that's why they agreed. Spiegel and Matthias Bohn claim their client had diminished responsibility for his actions as he suffers from Asperger Syndrome and autism.


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Electrocution fetish

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