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PayPigs free forever! No credit card! Dommes by invitation only. No credit card required and use all our features!

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I have made a connection with a beautiful young woman that goes by the nickname DevineFeline. I treat her with respect and generosity, and she is sweet and appreciative. We met on a popular SugarDaddy site where she was advertising herself as a FinDomme.

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I was curious, did my research, and contacted her. At first, we tried to fulfill our ased roles. Her, the abusive Domme. And me, the Simp with low self-esteem.

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The problem was we kept breaking character. So, we broke out of the Procrustean bed we had been ased and began to treat each other well. The were far more satisfying than I expected. DevineFeline thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled, and I found new purpose and motivation in life. I got to thinking that we were not the only ones who would enjoy FinDom without the degradation and kinkiness, so I made this website for like-minded people. I call this approach to FinDom, gentle FinDom. Remember me Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.

Address:. Up. Latest registered members. Looking For Honeys? Gentle FinDom. Dommes invitation only. I am a PayPig, and this is my story.

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Why be a PayPig to a Gentle Domme? Total of Members. Honeys online.

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Find a paypig

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How to Become a Findom: A Guide to Finding Pay Pigs