Gay sub slave

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If your master wants to cough, sniff or spit what will be your action? I will ignore. He can cough, sniff, piss, spit on my face whenever he wants. I will open my mouth to intake all type of master's dirt. I will do as per master's demand. If your master is destroying your body what will you do?

I will refuse him.

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He can do but in certain limits. He must also understand my feelings. No he can do anything with my body he owes me. Other please specify. If you are so tired and don't want to have sex but your master wants to fuck what will you do?

He must understand my feelings too. We'll try to understand mutually. In front of master's desires my wish is nothing let him fuck me as and when he needs. How brutal he should be with you? Tick Softcore. Tick Hardcore. Tick Kinky. Tick Sadist. What is your position you assume in front of your master Equal to the master. Below his sweaty armpits. Below his butthole. Below his foot.

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If your master cums on your face what Will you do? Wash out. Wipe it with hand. Lick it and swallow. I'll keep it as is to dry to show the world how faggot I am.

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If you're able to be the following things of your Master which one you want to be? His jokes. His toothbrush. His socks. His boot polish.

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If Master scats what will you do? I would like to smell it. I would like to eat it. I will spread it all over my body holey shit. Select one for lifetime Lifetime blindfolded. Lifetime speechless. Lifetime chastity. Dogslave for whole life. Tick Gentle.

Gay sub slave

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