Going commando in school

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Oh dear. Now people are gonna call you "Nudist", "Streaker", or "Stripper" for a week. How is this a thing? Where do you do gym but don't shower afterwards? Isn't everyone naked then? Wait, why would that be shocking to them? Don't you shower after gym class anyway? Who goes from gym class to putting clothes on? I used to go commando every day, I just refused to change. I feel bad for y'all who had to shower after gym class. That's just awkward. Thankfully, here in Baltimore County, we use showers. Have you just experienced an FML moment? Feel like sharing it with the other FML users?

Follow the instructions below, and if your story gets through the moderation process, it'll published in the next 24 hours. Thank you, your FML was submitted it will appear in moderation soon! Log in via Facebook Twitter. address. Password Forgot your password? Keep me ed in. By Oops. Today, I went commando for the first time at school. It went really well until gym class, when I got distracted and changed like I normally do. I accidentally stripped in front of my whole class.

I agree, your life sucks You deserved it Broken heart. The bird. Pull your shit together, Bezos. By Username - France. Today, I was playing with my four month old daughter, flying her in the air like an airplane. I open my mouth saying 'Weeee', and she vomited on my face. FML I agree, your life sucks By ScarredEars - United States. Today, I heard my parents having sex. It wouldn't have been so bad going commando in school we weren't in the same hotel room. They thought I was asleep. By Anonymous. Looks aren't everything Today, I was watching "My lb Life".

Most of the people on the show are married or in relationships. I cant even find a relationship. Unreasonable Today, my boss told me I can't use the computer for entertainment. This coming from the same person who spends hours at a time every day on Facebook and other similar websites. I'm also not allowed to sit down while using the computer, which I use about half of the day.

By pignose. Nose job Today, I was babysitting for a new family. The youngest said, "Wow! You have huge nostrils! Now I do too! By neverleavingthehouseagain - United Kingdom - Epsom. Today, my ex, for whom I still have feelings, introduced me to his new girlfriend. To make things "less awkward," he invited a mutual friend of ours. However, the last time I'd seen this friend, it was a week after my ex and I had broke up, and we hooked up. Awkward doesn't cover it. By Anonymous - United States - Schnecksville.

Today, I found out that my "girlfriend" is only with me for free transportation. She even has my contact saved as the car emoji. By Nick - United Kingdom. Today, I got out of the wrong side of the bed. Into a wall. Today, I was riding my bike on the side of the road because there was no sidewalk. Then a car with a loud horn honked at me.

Pissed off, I turned around and screamed "shut the fuck up! By yayme. Today, I found out that the weird guy that lives next door is my biological father. By Leyla - United States - Franklin. Today, my boyfriend and I respectfully asked my landlady if he could stay with me until he gets going commando in school on his feet. He was robbed at gunpoint in his house last night. Landlady then yelled because we aren't married, and then showed up at my door at 10pm, "just making sure John isn't here". Today, I found my first grey hair. My boyfriend stopped in the middle of sex to point it out.

Barely legal Today, my husband told me that he and my cousin had been seeing each other for the past two months. The cousin I took in because my aunt kicked her out for dropping out of high school. By dancer - United States. Today, I met my daughter's boyfriend, who she hopes to marry. I asked what he does, to which he answered, "I'm a Flamencologist. The study of Flamenco? By Anonymous - United States. Today, I went outside to scrape the inch and a half of ice off my car so I could get to work. After half an hour of intense scraping, I realized that it wasn't my car.

Today, I managed to fracture my shoulder blade and dislocate my shoulder, just by falling off a deckchair. Today, I was taking a shower. My mom thinks it's ok to just walk in on someone when they are in there so she decides to take a crap. The worst part is she thought it would be less awkward to talk to me. He called back 5 minutes later demanding to know the name of the man who answered my phone. This "man" was me. I have bronchitis. Yes, he's aware of this. Whipping boy Today, like every day, my boss was complaining about something or other, but this time it was work that I knew he'd done himself, and he still blamed me.

By kandi - Philippines. The cupcake incident Today, while at the bakeshop, I got bored waiting in line so I rested on the glass protecting the cupcakes. Turns out there was no glass. By toilet on the clock - China - Guangzhou. Today, I learned that the three secretaries at work make spreheets about who uses the toilets, when and for how long, and then make bets on who will take the longest toilet break, who will use it the most often, etc.

Now I constantly look at my watch whenever I use the toilets. By thewordsicantsay - Canada. Today, while waiting to do a presentation in class I felt someone flick my back, but when I turned around no one was there. It wasn't until I got up in front of the whole class that I felt my bra slowly sliding down my body. Turns out that the "flick" I felt was actually my bra clasp busting open. By JessBaby - United States. Today, I found out going commando in school grandmother passed away.

When I told my boyfriend I began to cry. Instead of caring, he said "you're getting my bed wet," rolled over, and fell asleep. By creepedoutmom going commando in school United States - San Francisco. Today, I took my family to Disneyland. My husband had more fun than my five year old daughter.

He was hitting on the princesses. By injuredwifelady - United States - Omaha. Today, I was sleeping peacefully with my cat sweetly snuggling my legs under the covers. My husband dutch-ovened her, and she shredded my calves as she rushed to escape. Today, I walked into the kitchen at 5 am, to have my 7 and 9 year olds throw a bucket of water on me. To their surprise and horror, I didn't melt. By Anonymous - United States - Riverside. Today, my boyfriend went down on me for the first time. When I didn't get off right away, he asked what he was doing wrong.

I told him he was doing fine, but instead of focusing only on my vagina, he might want to pay attention to my clitoris as well. His response? By Anonymous - Norway - Ytre Arna. Today, my mom let me stay home from school, because I was sick. We both agreed not to tell my dad, since he's adamant that I never miss even one day of school. A few hours after my mom left for work, he came back home, with another woman. Today, I gave myself a bloody nose while trying to show my brother how to use a yo-yo. Today, I finally had the best sex I've ever had with this really hot guy I've been hanging out with lately.

Going commando in school

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