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Whether you consider yourself Dr Sex or a tad vanilla, everyone has their sexual kinks and quirks. But trichophilia, or hair fetishism — specifically head hair — is a sexual fantasy that predates contemporary porn. You have the likes of Samson, whose strength was in his hair, Rapunzel, made famous by the Brothers Grimm fairytale, and Lady Godiva, who rode through hairstyle fetish streets on horseback entirely naked, covered by nothing but her long wavy tresses.

And in a multitude of faiths, hair is also considered to be a very important physical trait. Hair fetishist Josh, a year-old from Manchester, is particularly interested in slick, straight hair, ideally waist-length or longer, and preferably brunette. Hair is extremely sexual for me, and seeing beautiful long hair on the street will turn me on.

The softness of hair is otherworldly for me, and there is nothing that can compare to the feeling. Beyond the arousal, there are also ways in which hair can become an active sexual tool in the bedroom. For some, the mere opportunity to stroke, hairstyle fetish and wash the hair can be immensely titillating, but hair can also be utilised as a device in many niche sex acts. In some instances, braids can be used in place of hand ties or blindfolds or it can be used as a device to tickle, but the crowning jewel of the hair partialist is the hairjob, where the hair is wrapped around the penis and tugged in order to induce orgasm.

Despite a fairly modest following, her loyal fanbase are allowing her to make a generous income from her hair-specific material. The content creator is inundated daily with messages from people with hair fetishism asking for bespoke content or live chats in order to feel fully connected with her luscious locks. My fans ask me to show myself naked, playing with my hair, braiding it, smelling it, or putting it in my mouth. It works well because I can always turn their hair fantasies into a reality. They ask me to show myself naked, playing with my hair, braiding it, smelling it, or putting it in my mouth.

Her fans come from a multitude of backgrounds across the world, including Israel, Kuwait, Finland, and Saudi Arabia.

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Despite their differences, she says that many are united in one common fantasy: worshipping the hair of a fragile princess with a big appetite for sex. Taking care of her hair can be a full-time task, and the upkeep means hours of hair care every week.

Everyday tasks like sleeping, taking a bath or catching a cab have to be carefully considered. On the other end of the spectrum is year-old Phil from New York City. Phil first realised he was intrigued by head hair or the lack thereof when he was seven-years-old. He recalls sitting behind a boy in class who had his neck shaved high and close, and he yearned to reach out and touch it. As he hit puberty and started to become interested in women, he realised that he found it a particular turn on when women would change up their hairstyles.

Through the years, there have been a couple of women that have entertained this fetish and would wear a wig and then let me cut it hairstyle fetish a short bob style. Very short hairstyles with some nice hoop earrings or an ultimate look for me, and just make me feel very primal.

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To Miranda Christophersa sex and relationship psychotherapist from London, these kind of fetishes are quite common, explaining that between 25 per cent and 50 per cent of people openly admit to possessing one. When it comes to working with individuals with hair fetishism, she seeks to understand whether it is bothersome for the person to their everyday living. One of the biggest issues with hair partialism is that the individual tends to seek out people with their preferred hair type, which can cause some issues in life and relationships.

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It can be the case with a hair fetish, that they prefer the hair a certain length, style or colour — what then happens if a partner changes it? For Josh, his hair partialism does have an effect on his relationships and admits that it would be hard for him to get into a relationship with someone who has short hair. The frustrating part is when women get a haircut once every 6 months and they just trim a millimetre off the end!

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Hairstyle fetish

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How to Manage Trichophilia, or a Hair Fetish