How to block someone on kik

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Do not want to receive any messages from someone in Kik? If someone is spamming you in Kik or you just do not want to get any messages from someone, you can block the Kik users and prevent them from sending you any messages. Check out this guide to block people in Kik on your iPhone.

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Tap to launch Kik on iPhone, open the Info of the Kik user you like to blacklist. Then tap on the three dots button from the top right corner of your Kik app, you will bring up the option to block people. See screenshot as below. Press the Block button, since then the contact or Kik user will be blacklisted, you will no longer receive any spam or messages from them.

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Sometimes you may have blocked the wrong person in Kik messenger, or you may change your mind to whitelist someone in Kik on iPhone. You can follow below instructions to unblock people or remove people from block list and start chatting with them in Kik again.

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From the settings window as shown in above picture, you can find YourNotifications, Chat Settings and other options. Choose Chat Settingsyou will open a new screen like this.

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Now you have opened the Kik Chat Settings screen on iPhone. There will be a Block List item in the middle of it. Tap on it, you will get another screen like below. From the Kik Block Listyou can search people by name or Kik username to add them to this block list, you can also click the Add button on the top right corner to select user from the list to block.

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Also any blocked or blacklisted Kik users will be listed. To unblock someone, simply tap on its name to reveal the unblock option, you can then remove the selected people from Kik block list and start receiving new messages from them. How to Block People in Kik on your iPhone?

How to block someone on kik

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How to Block Someone in Kik on your iPhone?