How to give an erotic spanking

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What is it about spanking that gets us hot under the collar? Spanking used to be a form of punishment with no sexual element whatsoever. For people who enjoy a taste of BDSMthis kind of impact play is a common sexual fantasy as it's a way to experience increased sensation and add a thrilling psychological element to sex. Erotic spanking was a common theme in Victoria-era eroticaand there are depictions of it dating back to the 5th century BC. The pain of a serious butt-slap can cause exquisite pain that can feel as good as a genital orgasm with a skilled enough spanker.

Erotic spanking also releases endorphins that cause a natural high - like exercise! The fact that spanking is taboo can be a turn on in itself. Power and role-playing are central to erotic spanking: One person gives up control and the other takes it.

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Initiate a talk about fantasies or sex in general; tell them you watched an erotic film or read some erotica that had a spanking scene… have they ever tried it? Before going into any new sexual activity that involves pain, you need to talk about desires and boundaries. When it comes to how to spank, you have lots of options. Your hand is a good place to start. You can spanked and get spanked anywhere, anytime, and in any position.

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Here are spanking sex positions that allow for maximum pleasure and powerplay. Stimulate their genitals while leading up to the spanking to really get them going. This builds excitement and increases sensation. Move on to gentle slaps before more intense hitting.

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Separating your fingers might cause too much pain. Also, bigger spanks will require you to bring your arm back further. Keeping your palm flatter will create more pain and a louder slapping sound.

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Find a pillow or something similar and practice the motion. This is the fattiest part of the butt and the sweet spot. The lower central part of the butt heading down to the top of the thighs also feels particularly good when spanked. Erotic spanking should start slow and build-up in intensity and speed - you might be doing a serious spank every few seconds. Pause every now and then to stroke their butt, kiss them, and play with their genitals. The process and techniques are similar when it comes to using toys. They come in many forms and many textures - many of which are deed to increase sensation on the butt and let the spanker have more precision.

Adding outfits, characters, or storylines will make you both feel more liberated and excited. Dirty talk can be part of a role-playing scenario but it can also be a fun way to make a session more psychologically charged. A sub can beg a dom to spank them or tell them they will do anything to be good again…. Drive your sub wild by not only stimulating their genitals with your hands but with a vibrator or other sex toy. Take the BDSM element up a level by restraining your sub using handcuffs or anything you have nearby. As with any BDSM activity that involves physical pain and psychological intensity, you need to check in with each other afterwards.

Care for each other physically and talk about what felt good and anything you were uncomfortable with. Spanking sex is all the rage, and we certainly know why. Done anything bad recently?

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How to give an erotic spanking

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Erotic Spanking How to Give the Spanking of your Life