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No judgement, I just don't get the appeal. Any time I'm reading some "erotic fiction" and there's a comment like "Ah yes, my mighty seed is sure to get you pregnant" it always makes me double-take.

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Like, is that hot for most guys? Does it get the average man's motor running? EDIT: I also see this in comics and doujinshi, also all three of my brothers read erotic literature, so I know it's not just for women. C'mon, y'all. I mean, of all the fetishes out there, it is the one that makes the most sense.

I get where the guy is coming from though. It can be a weird thought if you're say, a teenager, to want to get a girl pregnant.

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My wife and I are about to start trying to have a kid and yeah, it's way at the top of my list of turn ons now. You can even see this in my porn watching habits. When I was younger I think my favorite thing was facials, as I got into my 30s it became creampies. But yeah, as soon as I got to a point impregnation kink life about where I realized that having a kid wouldn't financially ruin me, it became a huge turn on for me.

I don't read erotic fiction but yes, the idea gets me running quickly. The thing is I am not sure we should even call it a fetish. It's biology at work because If people weren't absolutely into it, we'd all have died out a long time ago. Yeah, if anything it's the most "reasonable" fetish. Coming in a vagina feels good, making babies is a really intimate act, and we all have a primal drive to procreate.

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Don't see the big mystery, nor why it's supposed to be a "fetish". It's literally the bog standard of sexual procreation. It's really pleasurable to ejaculate into a vagina. I have the kids to prove it :.

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It's winning the Evolutionary struggle. It's one thing to get to bang a hot chick. It's quite another to successfully implant your genetic material into her, to the point that she bears your offspring. That just triggers something in the primitive lizard brain. Me win!

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You other guys not win! In the wild, male animals murder each other over this privilege. It's really at the base of everything. Getting a girl pregnant and her having YOUR baby is like the ultimate conquest and the only reason we are here. Men like winning. There's three sorts of winning at sex. The first is you orgasming. That's worth nothing, I can orgasm anytime I want, just give me 5 minutes and some privacy.

The second is them orgasming. Giving somebody else an orgasm is hard and says a lot about your skill and your attentiveness. The third is getting somebody else pregnant. It's a fetish, they don't have to make sense, but lets spitball. First, it's the height of intimacy. More so than her swallowing, your seed is actually in her for 9 months.

Hm, what else? There's the risk element, that you're so desperate for this you're willing to risk pregnancy. There's some degradation, impregnation kink. You're so desperate for his cum that you want it inside you no matter what. And that you're even willing to carry his baby, just so you can get some of that dick.

Sometimes there's a taboo aspect- especially if its incest, or interracial, or cuckold porn. We exist to Nut and get Nutted in. Everything wired into us through genetics connects back to Nut like ro leading to Rome. Its easy to forget this impregnation kink Sexual Revolution, but our bodies tricking us into having kids is why we have a sex drive in the first place. If anything an impregnation fetish is a step closer to our biological imperative than the normal attraction to sexual pleasure.

Not really, no. But this is the one I'm asking about because other ones, like scat, I don't want to know about. What's up with impregnation fetishes? ITT: White people. Posted by Female. Sort by: best. Actual human woman.

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Continue this thread. But babies come out of the butt. We all know this. OH Kiowa. Masculine Success Story. Weird tag. Only white people have fetishes? I think that's everything? I didn't tag it. I have no idea why that's there. Its easy to forget this post Sexual Revolution, but our bodies tricking us into having kids is why we have a sex drive in the first place If anything an impregnation fetish is a step closer to our biological imperative than the normal attraction to sexual pleasure. Trashy flair is trashy.

I just don't get the appeal Do you get the appeal of all other fetishes? More posts from the AskMen community. It's time to stop. Created Aug 30, Top posts october 3rd Top posts of impregnation kink, Top posts Back to Top.

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