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in. Dating and looking for someone with kinks? This recently released app may be for right you. It claims to stand out from the others. This is both a good and a bad thing. Let me explain. This lack of boundaries also means you can be contacted by anyone, and by this I also mean, anywhere. A blessing and the curse of this app is the ability to send and receive pictures.

This does allow for unsolicited cock shots within a few messages, and in fact the first message without even an introduction, of course this also meant I was able to test out the extremely efficient block and report functions within two days of download. Photos can be ed to two separate albums, public, which anyone anywhere can see and private, which you have to request access too.

Denying access is a simple swipe left function. Very easy to weed out those you don;t want seeing a picture of your…face. Of all the features, I found this to be the most useless. The best feature by far, is the pattern swipe before you even see any of the profiles. If you exit the app or sleep your device, you will be asked to swipe. Sadly, It has done nothing to address the non-consent issues that plague dating apps of all sorts, not just this one. May I suggest a variety of reminder messages, such as:.

Sending Cock Shots without being asked is the same! These messages could be required reading during your 30 minutes of time out. Overall, this app is fairly easy to use, has plenty of users from around the world and has some things to differentiate it from the other apps and sites out there, namely the kink angle and security swipe.

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How Kink's Largest Social-Networking Site Fails Its Users