Men cuming in women

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Don't let this news be cause for alarm. In fact, it should be kinda reassuring. The bigger you are, the harder you fall, and the bigger you cum, the harder she cums, too. The answer: a lot, apparently! Researcher Andrea Burri of the European Institute for Sexual Health realized women have a lot of opinions about semen in her clinical work and decided to investigate some of them. The study was recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. I noticed that many women find it very distressing when their male partner suffers from delayed ejaculation or the inability to ejaculate — mostly because it gives them the feeling of not being desired or attractive.

While orgasm opinions are obviously subjective and individual, many women do use some basic, universal metrics to assess how good any sexual interaction was, and how you cum and men cuming in women much you cum make the list. If a woman is going to the trouble of doing any sex-related thing to you, we definitely want to know that it feels good, and we measure this feedback by two criteria: whether you make pleasurable sounds that show you are liking it, and of course, whether you cum.

Also helpful: letting us know verbally that you are, in fact, gonna get there. Look, we know these things happen. Our bodies sometimes act weird and do uncontrollable things. So Burri put this idea to the test. They asked them a few dozen questions about their ejaculation-related preferences, and the were noteworthy.

The higher-orgasmic-ability women — the easy cummers — were happier with their sex lives if they were fucking men who had fewer problems getting off. A full This is just as applicable to blowjobs, as we argued before.

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While roughly 30 percent of the women said they never focused on semen volume, and 65 percent said volume did not affect their own orgasm intensity, the remaining 35 percent did cum better and harder when there was more semen on the table or the ass, or the ceiling, as the case may be. Of course, there are some caveats. Perception became fact here: If it felt like a Big One, she liked it.

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We also know the average volume of a single ejaculation is about a teaspoon. And anecdotally at least, we also know that women describe getting cummed in as pleasurable, too — like liquid sunshine, kryptonite, geysers, a super-soaker and the satisfaction of a job well done. Other interesting findings from the study? How important this all was to the woman also depended on how important sex was to her, and how important her getting off was, too.

Burri notes that not all women indicated that orgasms were their reason for getting it on in the first place. Another fun fact: Just over 53 percent of the women had no preference about whether they came first or last, but beyond those women, a larger percent 30 percent did want to get off first. So what is to be done? Must men now live under the tyrannical knowledge that their cum volume or their ability to reach orgasm in the first place — not easy for everyone! Not necessarily.

Then, off the confidence and pleasure of men cuming in women pleased her, keep up the momentum by finishing big yourself. Just make it feel big for her. Listen, this all should not really be cause for alarm. In fact, the news here is ultimately reassuring: Women do want to please you, and pleasing you increases their pleasure. So cum like you mean it. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL. Formerly at Jezebel. Read our guide to more intense orgasms for people with penises.

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Men cuming in women

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