Mistress sissy

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Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Drew Crossfield is a fashion deer with a secret desire that he's never dared to explore, no matter how badly he might want to.

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When famous style icon naTasha notices him, there's no turning back. She knows a closeted sissy when she sees one, and she's determined from the start to change this drab dresser into the feminized glam girl of his dreams. It starts off innocently enough at first: dressing him up a bit, painting his lips and nails. But her excitement at his transformation soon delves into a torrent of passion for the both of them. Drew learns the pleasures of worshiping a true Goddess, impressing Tosh with his explicit eagerness to follow mistress sissy every command.

As Drew sinks deeper and deeper into his fantasies, it becomes harder and harder to deal with his problems: his bigoted control freak of a boss, his ex-lover, and even an art thief threatening his career!

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The further Tosh reels him into this exciting new world, the less he cares about anything but her pleasure. As the lines become blurred between the person he was and Tosh's devoted sissy, he begins to wonder: Is he really a sissy, or is this who he was always meant to be? Help Centre. Track My Order. Share This eBook:. Add to Wish List.

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Mistress sissy

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