Public humiliation kink

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dec 26, 16 0 0 31 BC, Delta. Could be more fun if you have a leaf blower, maybe even instruct her to walk by while you are cleaning up leaves and blow her skirt up with people watching.

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It's more humiliating and degrading the less they are wearing, maybe even make them leave a piece of clothing at every puddle and when they run out they have to lie in it naked or in underwear if you are into more extreme ones. Maybe use a leash too make them crawl. Cum all over your subs face, chest and back if you can't produce enough bring in more guys and then take your sub out in public beach would work, busy middle of town would be more humiliating.

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Public humiliation is one public humiliation kink my favorite things, but honestly, it seems almost too easy to come up with ideas. I've enjoyed taking out a girl in handcuffs, and think that hobbling in the future might also be fun. Blindfolded, gagged, and dressed as a slut should be just as interesting. Forbid your sub from swallowing anything, then take them out to a restaurant.

They would then have to keep spitting out their food and drink after chewing it, unless they wanted to refuse the meal that you bought them. Public self punishment is humiliating too. As bad as it would be to be put over someone's knee, what if people saw you having to simple punish yourself without anyone there visibly for you to be submitting to? And modifying one of yours, don't bother putting a sub in a bathing suit before you cum on them and take them out in public.

I find it even more fun if they are in completely normal clothes, covered in cum, and forced into a public place. Jan 9, 10 0 35 uk. Click to expand Oh, you wouldn't have to order for her. She would just really prefer that you do. A variation of this I've heard of, go to a reastrant, take the girl off to the toilet. Have her suck you untill you cum in her mouth. Then order her not to swallow until the meal arrives. Do this right at the start and she'll be sitting there with a mouth full of cum for probably half an hour or more.

You'll need to order for her and answer for her whenever one of the serving staff comes by. She'll have to not laugh even if you try to make her for fear of spilling cum down herself in front of public humiliation kink. Last edited: Aug 9, I don't know if I like your variation as much. I don't really plan to carry a lot of stuff that can mark on glass when I go out. And who wants to do this sort of play in a place that serves in a paper cup. Tape on the glass just seems tacky to me.

Lipstick, or some other make up she had might work. But in the end, unless you came a tiny amount, you are giving her a task she's guaranteed to fail, then punishing for it. If it's punishment, then the only lesson I see is that the sub gets impossible tasks. If it's just for fun, well then, who needs a reason at all? You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link. Featured Thre W. Request Dares or Tasks.

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Public humiliation kink

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70 BDSM Humiliation and Degradation Ideas for Your Submissive