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Contact Stocklist Advertise Internships Support. I so miss holding onto her, laughing together while spinning fast in the air. I miss the crowded dressing rooms and spontaneous late-night conversations. I'm creating work at home now. I have to, I don't know any other way to exist.

By Alessandra Quarantine nudes. We are constantly distilling ourselves into bite-size iterations of our identity through quarantine nudes multitude of channels, be it virtual profiles, anecdotal stories that we feel are representative of our personality, or through self-portraiture. It seems as if everyone is validating their existence in their own unique way: quarantine nudes.

Kirra Cheers newest project, Seclude in the Nude, responds to this overwhelming desire to feel seen. Not even two weeks later, my aunt passes. Surely, it must be a nightmare. I see the people outside without masks, drinking haphazardly in the park without a care in the world. This has greatly changed me. It is our duty to stay inside and protect each other. This pandemic and resulting shelter-in-place mandate in New York City has presented Kirra with a unique opportunity to capture intimate moments during this unprecedented period of isolation. Kirra uses the nude as a mode of story-telling and to communicate immediate vulnerability and transparency between artist, subject, and audience.

I am not working now, like many artists, and I have no idea what the future looks like. Some days are spent making headway on projects and others are not so productive. But I do love contrast, and the conflicting idea of being naked and lit at night, intentionally exhibiting myself to my neighborhood while having a conversation through a closed window on a cellphone with someone I can see on the sidewalk.

More than just connecting with New York City locals who want to strip down and bear all for the camera — she is gaining access into the private spheres of the New-York-City-Dweller, hermitting due to the recent COVID restrictions. The dissolution of the barrier between her and her subjects is evident in her photographs. I wanted to keep performing burlesque on stage as long as I could through my pregnancy. I wanted to see what this pregnant body could do.

At first glance, these voyeuristic, lush images are so visually stimulating — the neon hues may distract from the substance and affection of these photographs. You get to know their home by a nightside reading lamp, a yellow cup on the window sill, and are allowed entry into their abodes — where they, perhaps like you, are alone and striving to do the best they can during a difficult time.

Then my husband got sick. I remember driving him to the ER after he fainted in our kitchen after days of spiking fevers and night sweats.

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He was so weak that I had to walk him to hospital doors before being turned away at the threshold by security. I went back to my car and cried. What the fuck just happened to my life? I landed a remote de gig that pays the bills. In quarantine, I feel like creativity finally has room to breathe. Kirra Cheers reflects on what this project has done for her as a creative during quarantine. The project has given me purpose and structure as the days have a tendency to blur together.

Connecting with people in this manner has been a surreal experience. I enjoy finding new ways to continue connecting and creating with people to make art together during the quarantine. You can view more of Quarantine nudes Cheers work here. The Magazine. View All. Art Out. Photo Journal Monday.

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Quarantine nudes

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