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I'm a 22 year old female with a long distance boyfriend. The Skype sex is very new to us since we weren't always long reddit skype sex, and I have the hardest time enjoying it. I love watching and hearing him get turned on and everything, but I cannot get myself off. My girlfriends don't have much advice except for "invest in a vibrator," but that's not the solution I'm looking for.

I'm just not mentally stimulated so I don't stay wet; I don't get anywhere near an orgasm. I think I have some sort of mental block about masturbating in front of a camera. If that's it, has anyone dealt with this kind of situation and can anyone give me some ideas and advice? My girlfriend and I have such satisfying Skype sex. My recommendation for making it more mentally stimulating is dialogue. I usually talk to her continuously telling her exactly what I'd do to her if I was there, and this really helps get her off.

Perhaps ask your boyfriend to do this. I never thought I'd be able to provide such a detailed, step by step dialogue, but once I start, it just comes naturally.

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Start with teasing, foreplay, move on to sex, talk about different positions. I've also even described things we never tried when together, but once we talk about it, we want to try it for real later. You can even guide the conversation into something that turns you on even more, like "don't enter me yet; I want you to rub your dick on my clit!

You can even act things out as they are spoken, like if he's "on top of you," it might turn you on if he gets on his hands and knees, giving you a more realistic view. Anyway, I guess this advice would be more aimed reddit skype sex your bf, but perhaps with some suggestions from you, he'll catch on and be able to help you come. Just hearing my girlfriend's reactions turns me on.

Don't give up, skype sex can be great. We talk each other through things as well mainly him talking. He's actually pretty vocal, and he has no issues getting off. So maybe your advice is more for me! Should I start taking more initiative? Maybe getting slightly drunk and doing it would help getting This probably won't solve the problem so do try other suggestions such as talking etc.

I know my SO has body image issues, so I always tell her to turn the image of herself off, which oftens makes it easier for her to relax. If you can do that, then maybe you are camera shy. However, if you have trouble there too, it means you need to get used to the different medium.

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I mean When you're having sex on skype, or on the phone, this whole component is absent, and you have to make up for it by being insanely descriptive and sometimes even using fantasies that you wouldn't even want to happen in real life. It's like So maybe you guys need to shift your focus a bit -- treat it like an interactive erotic story and see if that helps any. No, that helps immensely! I need to approach this a tad differently. I had an ld boyfriend and it is quite a hurdle to get over. I think what worked best for me was to get comfortable put in the headphones and got my glass dildo or whatever works for you is good.

The key is to not think of it as mastubating.

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Dont even look at yourself. Hell ask if you can turn off your cam and just have sound going. Have him stroke himself slowly. Match his pace with your toy. Or hand. Just watch what hes doing and copy it.

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Try not to think. I'm not really what advice to give other than focus on your partner and go through reddit skype sex fantasies you have with him. I usually do that and either do my own dirty talking or have her do dirty talking. Before the days of Skype but not too long ago, I was a stupid teenager dating a much older man. My parents had already taken measures to keep him away from me, so we did the thing where I'd get myself off on camera and he'd jack off and blah blah blah. It always made me feel like a whore. Finally, I just broke into tears and told him I couldn't handle it anymore. We broke up about an hour later.

Moral of the story-if you're uncomfortable, don't do it. Try just chatting of phone sex. It took a lot of working up between me and my SO to do this, the most important thing is affirming for each other how attracted you are to the other. Also we get into some vivid sexts sometimes on their own and sometimes all day before we have a skype date. Also you can leave your underwear on she used to before she got comfortable and angle the camera away from your face if you're self conscious about that as well. I don't. I thought about it but Just no. So we just managed a year long ldr with no ed sexy times.

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