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But unrestricted all forums in a way are open topic as they all seem to have a general or a any topic area. I couldn't find anything else out there without an agenda, would be good if Whirlpoolers kept it going, it's useful!! Haha but that one is so obvious it goes without saying.

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As for chatrooms try IRC and search google since there are some good IRC servers for major cities such as Brisbane but I don't remember off the top of my head. I think a site like this would be a good idea, or at least a thread on here that listed them all.

Note that I don't actually post on all of these nor do I like them all, I just know of I got surprisingly little from Google.

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Google didn't come up with much. Or maybe my Google skills aren't up to scratch : A lot of forum packages have a "Powered by xxx" at the bottom. Also funchat on icq you can select every chatbox from various on icq. Select your country or regional or also from any category chat room and do onlinechat, Icq also entertain teens for teenchat on webchat roomsalso icq provide complete panel for chit chats.

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I often find that if I want to get some info on a particular subject, forums are the best places to go - like WP, for example. Teen chat is pretty awesome if you need to chill or vent to people.

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I've been coming to this website for almost three years now, and every time, I've been meeting a lot of people. Aussie Chat was created in to provide a way to have fun online with online chatand games. We have a team with moderators, administrators, technicians and customer service which have made Aussie Chat one in Australian Chat.

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Australian Chat Room Rules: Even though you can find love here, please note that this Australian chatroom is not like an online dating site. You can meet and video chat with hot Australian girls in this free Aussie chat roomwith no registration or software downlo required.

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Sex chat perth

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