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Tinder, like most other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Grindr and Regions Mobile, is used primarily for sexting. And Tinder, though admittedly a hot glitchy mess once people actually decide to message you, works pretty brilliantly with regards to consideration of your feelings.

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For centuries, black women have been stereotyped and hyper-sexualized as a way for those who viewed us as animals, because of our skin color, to be able to enjoy us sexually. Go away. It irks me deep down in my spirit when I get that 3 a. Do you like white guys?

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We are people, not playthings, and we are not here to satisfy your fetish. If you think our skin is pretty and our bodies are nice, by all means, throw out a compliment.

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Farewell column: Managing Editor Devna Bose. Farewell column: Editor-in-chief Slade Rand. Opinion: Should you really get a dog?

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Opinion: We made Ole Miss our home. Ole Miss made us who we are. Farewell column: News Editor Taylor Vance.

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Opinion: What pride means to me. Sierra Mannie is a junior classics major from Ridgeland.

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Sext black girls

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