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Click at your own risk. Most marine scientists remain blissfully unaware of the existence of tentacle-themed pornographywhich originated from Japan. The paths of people who work with real life tentacle-creatures and the paths of people who envision sex with imaginary tentacle-creatures do not often cross. Miriam Goldstein MG : Most people not dialed into the hentai world are pretty shocked that tentacles, cold and slimy things they are, can be eroticized. And what counts as erotic can be different from one person to another.

No negotiation, no seduction…just raw lust. MG : I think tentacleporn people would describe dolphins like that, horny bastards that they are! MG : Most of the hentai I tentacleporn seen involves just tentacles and Japanese schoolgirls — can tentacle porn be more than that? Nobilis Reed: Oh, certainly. In fact, I really want to see stories that transcend that stereotype.

MG : That actually le into my next questions — are there ever creatures on the other end of those tentacles? Or is it just about the tentacles? Nobilis Reed : Absolutely [there are creatures involved]. And not just sea creatures, either — space aliens, creatures from Lovecraftian alternate dimensions, and more. MG : How much of your inspiration do you draw from ocean animals? Do you ever do research for your stories? Nobilis Reed: Actually, I tentacleporn a good deal of research. I set up the schedule so that I could release the book during giant octopus mating season.

MG : So is your work tentacleporn at all by the specific mechanics of real-life cephalopod mating, such as hectocotyli specialized sex tentacles and spermatophores? Nobilis Reed : Well…yes, in an ancillary way. But I used the Nautilus, at least, as the basic animal. I thought their tentacles were a bit more interesting. More like a host… to say more would give away the plot of that story, and probably go past PG Nobilis Reed : Well, octopus and squid tentacles are not entirely symmetrical. They have suckers on one side, of course, and smooth skin on the other.

They grip by means of the suckers more than anything else. They grip by wrapping around. MG : Ah, I see. Do people tend to make tentacles more friendly in these stories, or do they incorporate these scarier elements too? First of all, terror is part of the appeal, especially for women who are fans of the genre.

At least, in my experience. Can I link you to a picture? Nobilis Reed : This is a webcomic artist named Humon …one of her series is about a couple, where the heroine is a feminine tentacle monster. So yeah, some folks acknowledge that suckers leave marks. Nobilis Reed : Well, Tentacleporn Dreams has been a pretty good seller for me. I wanted to do one for Coming Togetherand it seemed the most appropriate. Tentacleporn you have no idea why, go here. Most of Coming Together anthologies have been erotica leaning toward erotic romance, but Nobilis brings the sci into the fi.

I like that. MG: To bring it back around to the tentacles, how did you select Oceana as your charity of choice? Nobilis Reed : I went to a website called Charity Navigatorwhich rates charities by transparency, ability and finances. Oceana scored very highand I went to the website and looked it over. Since tentacleporn readers are global, I wanted a charity that was global in scope. MG: Thank you so much for your tentacleporn, and for saving the oceans in a most unusual way!

Share the post "Interview: New anthology of tentacle porn reaches for marine conservation". You want innuendo? Slightly off topic, but I did want to comment on the remark made by Nobilis Reed about the online service, Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator fills a valuable role in helping tentacleporn individuals to make more informed decisions. But there are some challenges with the algorithm used in their rating system. One issue is that Charity Navigator applies the same formula to all organizations regardless of size when factoring their overhead often called indirect expenses.

Smaller conservation organizations cannot apply and benefit from the same economies of scale as larger organizations. A second issue relates to organizational capacity. Charity Navigator looks at rate of revenue against program growth, as well as working capital on hand. A smaller organization with a more tightly focused mission is at somewhat of a disadvantage when applying this criteria. Demand for services may be high, but growth may be slower for smaller organizations.

Nonetheless, Charity Navigator will ascribe a higher score to the larger organization. If a not-for-profit spends-down the money it raises for program delivery on program delivery, it gets a lower score than organizations that attempt to build war chests. For complete transparency, the organization for which I work received a recent overall score of By Eric Schwaner via DeviantArt. Female Pacific giant octopus guarding eggs. Via ARKive. Emperor Nautilus. Photo by James B.

Wood via marinebio. Hooks on a colossal squid tentacle. Via BBC. Share the post "Interview: New anthology of tentacle porn reaches for marine conservation" Facebook Twitter Share… Shares. All the Better to Love You With. Miriam Goldstein Posts. Shame, I cant find Tentacle Dreams anywhere now, not even on Kindle… :.

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Interview: New anthology of tentacle porn reaches for marine conservation