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Porn stars are definitely among the most searched personalities over the internet for obvious reasons. However, there are a few of them who are more searched as compared to others and this could be due to different reasons. Some of these reasons include the beauty of these porn stars, their stunning body, their popularity and type of videos and photo shoots they do, etc.

Most of these porn stars are popular actresses and actors who have achieved fame in the porn industry by giving their best shot every time. Today, we are going to present you a list of porn stars who are among the most explored and searched porn stars over the internet. Make sure you check out our article on hottest girls who will make you cum in 7 seconds.

Ashley Madison. Highly Recommended. Hot Fuckable Girls Near You. Your Hot Virtual Girlfriend. When we spoke about the most searched porn star, millions of minds may have thought about Mia Khalifa for sure. The impact of this girl from the Middle East origin has been such on the porn world that people still search for her videos even years after she retired from the porn industry.

What makes her so special? If just the God gifted body and immense sexual oomph she creates just by her naughty smile and savage porn scenes. She also has been one of the most controversial porn actresses throughout her short career and she also notoriously recorded porn scenes wearing the traditional Islam hijab which further sprinkled fuel on the fire.

She simply can be called as the porn goddess because she has contributed immensely to this porn industry and her huge plethora of scenes has elevated the level of porn by a great extent. Today she is 46 years old and still a reason for many to satiate their sexual urges. Lisa was born in Easton of the United States and has more than 14 years of experience of acting in the porn flicks. Her arousing figure and will to excel her performance in every scene has made her the porn top selling pornstars she is today. Madison Ivy is a hot bombshell that is ready to burst your sexual frustration and fulfils your sexual urge perfectly.

Born on July 14 th, this German porn star is short in stature, but her super hot figure and top selling pornstars performance make her one of the most searched babes in the porn industry. She is extremely petite, but her big boobs and curvy waist enhance her beauty to the next level. She loves flaunting her assets and gets nude quickly.

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Her career has already touched the milestone of 10 years inand she is certainly the next big thing in porn! Her raunchy and steamy scenes have further increased her popularity amongst the porn lovers. Asa Akira was a huge rage in the porn industry a couple of years back, but her popularity has gradually dropped down now.

But this filthy and dirty porn actress still finds her spot in this list as she still manages to ignite the loins of her old admirers. Asa was born in Manhattan of the United States on 3 rd of January and started her career in the porn business in the year The long list of awards she won from to itself speaks volumes about her level of performance and popularity. Though she has lost a bit of fame now, she can catch that up any time with her slutty performances that will force you to type her name in the search engines.

Alexis Texas is a porn star with a sensational figure and massive butts. Her fans cannot get enough of her videos and pictures and keep searching for her latest updates which have enabled her to enter this list. She is 33 years old milf who has nice shapely assets that can add spark in the lamest of the porn scenes. Another porn legend in the making is Brandi Love. Her busty figure and slutty performances are enough to keep her in the hot list of men, and her naughty gestures are like an icing on the cake.

She has been working from more than 12 years in the porn business and has top selling pornstars won some awards during her long career. She is drop dead gorgeous, and her huge assets make her apple of our eyes. Top selling pornstars sexy looks and her flamboyance is enough to set us on fire, and she does that to perfection with her sultry scenes and moves.

She is 33 years old milf who started her career in and is still very much active in the business. Her perfect figure and charming personality give her an edge over the others, and she uses it to perfection in her porn scenes. Her pierced navels and tattoos on the back of her neck add more sex appeal top selling pornstars her personality. Born on 12 th January in Boston of the United States, this American porn star is sensational enough to keep her among the most searched porn stars.

Her huge boobs are due to the breast enhancement surgery, but it looks perfectly natural on her busty body. Romi Rain is active on the social media, and she has already completed her six years in the porn industry. Kendra Sunderland is a pure seductress who was born in Salem of the United States on 16 th July which means that she has just 23 years old. She had started her career in the year and had already won numerous accolades for her performances in the porn movies.

She likes cum to be sprayed on her boobs and has a thing for long and thick monsters. What makes her stand out from the rest is her hazel eyes and blonde hair. This has enabled her to climb the ladder of popularity at a steady pace, and today she has managed to appear on this list too. She has tattoos on her abdomen and neck and has her tongue and navel pierced which increases her sex appeal to the next level.

This year-old porn star from the United States was born in Redlands on 10 th of May and has also been referred as Brittany Joy in some of her movies. She has perfect height and body which makes her one of the most desirable porn stars ever. Her brown eyes and hair add a charm to her personality, and her hot body oozes sex appeal whenever she gives a performance. She is still very young, and we expect that she will continue being spotted on various lists for a long time to come. Her boobs are natural and are one of her prime assets for sure.

She was also a cheerleader at some part of her career which and had breast enhancement surgery done which gave her figure a much prominent look than before.

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Her hazel eyes and blonde hair makes her look ravishing, and her fans love her for that. This babe from the United States has a Colombian look which makes her look stunning, and her busty figure makes her look like a porn goddess who can take your sexual fantasies to another level altogether. She has a thing for huge cocks and excels in hardcore sex scenes like vaginal sex, creampie sex scenes, etc. She has just started her career in and is already quite popular among the porn admirers of the world. Whoever has seen this amazing babe was top selling pornstars able to keep her eyes off her!

Such beautiful face and amazing body along with her super sexy white complexion have made her a heartthrob of the porn lovers, and we are sure she will climb many steps further in this list of the most searched porn stars. Her heartwarming blue eyes and brown hair add few more shades of beauty to her amazing personality, and she makes you all top selling pornstars up in no time!

Her blonde hair and brown eyes make her look more charming, and the amount of seductiveness she brings in her scenes is something magical and tells us why she is listed here. Her curvy stats put her in a top spot on the list, and her oozing sex appeal makes her fans drive crazy for her to hit the search button over and over again. She has simply one of the best bodies in this list, and she mesmerises her when she goes all nude for her photo shoots. This stunning babe was born in Denver in and started her career in the porn business in She has climbed the ladder of success soon, and it is partly due to her sexy body, and partly due to the seductive moves she performs in her porn movies.

Her boobs are fake but suit her well, and her pierced tongue make her look naughty and sexy at the same time. What makes her look stunning is also the reason for her popularity among the porn admirers. Susy Gala has a stunning figure which makes her one of the most searched porn stars in the industry. Susy Gala is from Spain and has perfect height and shapely assets.

She likes to perform hardcore sex scenes, and she manages to pull them perfectly with her seductive moves and sexy looks. She has piercings on her navel and nose which give her an additional advantage when she goes full nude. She is popular on the social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Top 20 Most Searched Pornstars. Riley Reid. Allie Haze. Site. Mia Khalifa. Her fan base is wide as both teenagers and adults like her equally. Mia Khalifa's Interview.

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Website: miakhalifa. Instagram: miakhalifa Lisa Ann. We all love her without any conditions and always look forward to seeing more of her. Madison Ivy. Madison Ivy Quarantine Chat! Instagram: madisonivy 2. Asa Akira. Sunny Leone. Her busty figure and amazing lesbian scenes are the other reasons because of which she bursts the thermometer of hotness quotient every time she performs a sex scene. Sasha Grey. Born in the yearshe continues to be the reason for the wild dreams of both the men and women. Her voluptuous figure and stunning features make her popular among men and women of all the ages.

Alexis Texas. Top selling pornstars astounding body and her dirty lesbian scenes have made her immensely popular among both her male and female admirers. Alexis has also won many awards for her performances during her porn career. Brandi Love. Born on 29 th March in Raleigh this year-old porn star has amazing brown hair and eyes that make us crazy for her.

Brandi Love is the Best! Angela White. Angela is an Australian porn star and is taking huge leaps in the search top selling pornstars due to her ability to push the limits in every scene. Interview with Angela White. Romi Rain. Romi Rain has hazel eyes and black hair which adds to her beauty, and she makes you squirm on your seat when she performs like a real slut in the porn movies.

We hope that she has more to offer and remains active in the most searched list for a long time. Kendra Sunderland. She is tall, smart and extremely popular among both the oldies and young studs and dolls. She has a perfect figure which makes her one of the most desirable porn stars of the industry. Kendra Sunderland Gets Weird! Tori Black. She is 30 years old, and we expect many more things from her in the future. Website: www.

Top selling pornstars

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