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As a year-old woman, I can do a lot of things.

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I can vote. I can drink. I can drop hundreds of dollars on therapy to help me work through my deeply self-destructive attachment style and still let men treat me like shit. I like seeing images of bodies like mine, especially ones that were created by another trans woman. Usually when I see an image of a trans woman's body, it's been filtered through the gaze of whichever cisgender editor, photographer, director, or producer has decided to bring that image to life — my Instagram feed notwithstanding — and that's transexual women nude I see an image of a trans woman's body at all.

Who would end up seeing it? What might it awaken in them? It was all so exhilarating to think about. Cut to the morning of April 23, when I was building the online version of the profile. As I learned from one of our art staffers, who declined to be interviewed on the record, it was all because of Google.

How much money would we lose from a single demonetized article? I was unable to confirm the amount with anyone on the record by the time of publication. I texted Sofia the bad news. I suggested using a different Forced Womanhood!

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So, we discussed censoring the images. Then, we tried a subtler, pixelated blurring. I want to share my ideas with other queer and trans people, and Out has such a large platform with such a huge amount of visibility. It also felt personal.

I couldn't even publish an image of the Sleeping Hermaphroditus sculpture pictured above where the statue's breasts and genitals are exposed. I was frustrated, to say the least.

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That frustration multiplied after the article was published two days later. Our social editor had used a cropped version of the Forced Womanhood! That was the first time I remember Instagram deleting one of my topless photos — i. Harris has a particularly hostile record on sex workhaving led the legal fight against Back during her tenure as California's Attorney General.

Content policies like those instituted by Facebook and Google target sex workers, hitting the most structurally marginalized the hardest, but their impact reaches further than many of us realize — certainly further than I ever realized before I tried to post a photo of a naked trans woman on our site. This is a problem of our own making, of course. We could always stop monetizing our articles through Google ense.

My attempts to discuss this on the record with someone at Pride Media were unsuccessful.

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Because we use Instagram to promote our content, what we promote must follow its parent company, Facebook's, rules. As I wrote in my profile of Sofiatransfeminine people rarely control the making of our own imagery. From movies and TV to the Western art canon, our representation has, historically speaking, been a matter of cis cultural production.

But that distribution becomes impossible when our tool for doing so — i. By deciding which images we can post, tech giants like Facebook and Google effectively decide which stories we can tell and how we tell them, something that could have disastrous consequences for journalism, queer or otherwise, if left unchecked. As journalists, our work has the potential to speak truth to power, exposing its secrets to an unsuspecting public. But we can just as easily do nothing more than amplify the voices of the powerful while claiming that our biased perspective is objective or neutral. I recognize this same dynamic when I look back at what happened with the images in my profile.

Switterfor example, is an explicitly sex work-friendly social media platform that sidesteps American law by hosting itself internationally. But think about how much of your screen time is filtered through one of these brands and their adult content policies — or through Amazon or Apple, which both have restrictive policies of their own, which extends to their app stores. Think about how much more of your screen time might be filtered through such policies in the future as our outdated antitrust laws fail to prevent these companies from further consolidating their power to the point of monopoly.

Infantilizing, even. Am I not old enough to make transexual women nude decision for myself? This article appears in Out 's August issue celebrating the body. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe To Out Magazine. Search form Search. Scroll To Top.

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Transexual women nude

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