Vacuum seal fetish

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If you would like to use search functions, view attachments or play games, please consider registering. No activation mail? Please contact me directly! Found or looking for something interesting on AliExpress or eBay? Start here! Portal Help Game Section. Hello There, Guest! Register. Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Perm link. Posts: 61 Thanks received: 44 Thanks given: 35 ed: Jan Hello Guys! As far as I can remember, I've been interested in vacuum bondage. It has always been a big difficulty to talk about it.

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Here is my story My first reaction wasn't like: "Will he survive? When nobody was at home, I found a plastic bag, and I decided to put it over my head, just to have an idea of how it could be. I felt a some kind of nervosity mixed with pleasure. I did this again a few times more Months after months, I was increasing this dependance. From a simple bag over my head, I was now putting gloves or other rubber things. Suddently, one day, after seeing on TV these "Space bags", I told myself: "Hey, why wouldn't I try to get in this kind of bag?

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At this time, I was young, but too tall to get into those special bags and this was also dangerous as I was alone! So I tried to figure out how could I build my own one By searching a while, I finally found a big thin plastic sheet which was about 8 feets x 8 feets about 2m50 x 2m50 and I folded it in two, ing the edges with duct tape.

So here it was: my first "vacuum bag"! As usual, I wait that nobody was at home for at least two hours, and I started my project: I put a foam mattress on the ground, I unroll vacuum seal fetish bag I hode in a wallet and I gathered some useful accessories, like a belt, a medium power vaccum and also a camera to record this first session, just to look how it looked like after Right after starting recording, I got into the bag.

I could felt my heart beating faster. I brought with me the vacuum hose and, with the belt, I sealed the bag around the hose. I remember I've put a sock at the end of the hose to prevent bad air suction the plastic bag itself could have blocked the end. I was able to activate the vacuum from the inside, because it was close to me. When I know that everything was OK, I looked at the camera to be sure I was in front, I just waited a few seconds to calm down, and then, I press the button I clearly remember these moments The plastic, pressing seconds after seconds all the parts of my body It was the best thing I've ever felt!

I was able to breathe thru a small carton tube I made, so I wasn't that much nervous after the suction reached its top. I got out of the bag something like 5 minutes after. I packed up all the stuff in the wallet, knowing I'll do it again for sure! On the video, Vacuum seal fetish saw all the action of the vacuum. I did it at least ten times more At this time, I didn't have internet at home, so I wasn't awared of the existence of bondage, vacbed, etc.

One day, I discovered the vacbed on the internet. I was immediately interested to try it, but it was complicated: space, money, what would my friends think of it Years after, as my girlfriend now ''ex'' went away for a long weekend, I found in the basement a foam mattress. I got the idea of being sealed between the mattress and the bag, as the hose was litterally in the mattress I guess you understand! The feeling was at least ten times better than my very first time! The suction was so intense: I knew I now had to find a way to get a vacbed!!!

And a few years later again, yes! Well, I feel so much better after telling this to you all It's hard for me to keep this secret, but I'm also afraid to tell this to everyone Any suggestions? Atsta Member. Posts: 91 Thanks received: 70 Thanks given: 18 ed: Sep I know I will be dissapointed with theif it doesn't have the absolute smooth and wrinkle free outcome. So I will continue to dream, and continue to buy Lotto tickets, with the hope that one day.? Like Ra Administrator. Posts: 19, Vacuum seal fetish received: Thanks given: ed: Jul Have you tried latex sheeting?

Since it's much more stretchy than plastic, it should better cling to the skin with no also painful wrinkles. A vacbed is something I would definitely like to experience Vacbedbound Senior Member. Posts: Thanks received: Thanks given: 76 ed: Aug Likera: You have never tried a Latex Vacbed?????

Give me your adress and pay the shipping from Germany and i will borrow you my selfbondage Vacbed for a month to try! Posts: Thanks received: 71 Thanks given: 71 ed: Nov You know And I would like to try it with someone else in the room. Yeah I absolutely understand you! These wrinkles are annoying! Even with a perfect seal, as long as we use non-elastic materials, il won't be smooth However, when I used my foam mattress, I recorded myself and I could see that there weren't any wrinkle!

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All the plastic sheet from a large garbage bag this time I might suggest you to use a foam mattress under which you put a wooden board. When I tried it, there were still a lot of possible movements. With vacuum seal fetish like this board, bending won't be possible I guess Wink!

Posts: 3, Thanks received: Thanks given: ed: Dec If you recorded yourself - would it be possible to share even some screen captures if you don't wish to share the movie? It all sounds very exciting and would love to see how it was set up MJ. It all sounds very exciting and would love to see how it was set up MJ Well Madjack, unfortunately, these were videotape, and they are unusable due to an important flood that took place like 4 years ago at home and destroyed all my collection You'd have be interested, I'm sure! However, I'll possibly do it again when I'll get some time and I'll post it on this forum!

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Perm link How my vacuum bondage fetish began Vacuum bed self-bondage with Venus pump. Vacuum self-bondage, "blister pack" style.

Vacuum seal fetish

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