Women who love to peg men

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Women who love to peg men what it's like to give it, receive it, and destroy gender norms along the way. Butts are in these days. Instagram is filled with attractive influencers showing off their bodacious backsides, anal sex is all the rage, and thanks to a growing movement toward pleasure-positive sexual exploration and away from the rigid gender norms of our past, even the straightest of straight dudes are feeling free to access all the pleasurable possibilities located just within their own anus.

Enter: the age of pegging. Pegging typically refers to when a cis woman performs anal sex on a cis man using a strap-on dildo, although, really, people of all genders can enjoy the magic of pegging. The term itself arose in after popular sex journalist Dan Savage conducted a poll asking his readers to come up with a name for the sexual practice.

It got a pop culture boost in when Abbi Jacobson tried it on Broad Cityand another in when Ryan Reynolds took it up the ass from his on-screen lady friend in Deadpool. How popular is pegging in real life? Well, for the guys or whoever is on the receiving end of the pegit literally just feels good.

Stimulating the prostate can produce powerful orgasms—orgasms that, for some people, even surpass the orgasms they get from penis stimulation. But the appeal of pegging goes beyond the physical pleasures, particularly for straight, cis folks. Lehmiller wrote in Playboy last year. I have always loved ass play and she had interest in pegging a man for many years. She brought up pegging right away and I was wanting to be pegged. We bought a few different straps, and over the few years have moved up to some very large toys. I love being submissive for her, being her anal slut.

We enjoy pegging very often in our sexual practices. I would say on an average week, she will give me the strap 6 to 7 times a week.

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We have been expanding our sexual repertoire a lot this past year and began exploring things like kink and group sex. After we had successfully done anal for the first time nearly two months ago where she was the bottom and loved it, we both became been curious about pegging. He loves it because of the new and different sensations, the way it heightens the experience, and she loves it because, since it is less about the physical sensations for her, it allows her to explore taking on a more dominant role and play with the power dynamics within our sex life.

Him: She was under the misguided notion that pegging would connect her husband to his not-yet explored bisexuality. But I had always had an interest in trying anal sex, and finally worked up the courage. It was an equal decision to try pegging, although we both had mixed feelings [about] it after that first time. However, with practice, we both relaxed, and it soon became an enjoyable part of our sex life.

I love the feeling of giving her total control. Watching her body thrusting, moving in rhythm with the sensations I experience. The intimacy of this connection between us. I love the moment she enters me, as I give myself over to her. I feel full, and even though she is inside me, I still crave that feeling. Slower is better for me.

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Her: I love being in charge of his pleasure, while also being able to reach climax myself. The clit vibe also is used for his pleasure. We also have friends in the swinging lifestyle and incorporate this with willing partners as well. Mathew actually was on a journey of his sexuality for a while.

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He had a little bit of shame and embarrassment about what he liked in the bedroom, and when we finally talked about it, I was happy to try it, but a little scared. He liked it, and that made me feel better about having done something out of my comfort zone.

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For Mathew, he really enjoys it. He likes the physical satisfaction and my dominant nature. I like dominating a little bit more than normal and the fact that we can be so sexually comfortable together. If the moment feels right. We decided to try pegging as a couple out of curiosity because Antony had enjoyed anal play during intercourse many times before.

We were both interested in pegging but also reluctant to give it a go for different reasons. Antony: When Marie is pegging me, it feels very intimate and the prostate orgasms are intense, never-ending, and sometimes exhausting. Marie: I like pegging because the whole scene is dirty, but in a good, sexy way. I like pegging because of his reaction, which is different from the norm. It really turns me on and gets me off.

Pegging is never a spur-of-the-moment thing with us since thorough cleaning is done beforehand to lessen the chance of accidents. Because of this, we do it at least once or twice a month. We women who love to peg men it not so regularly at the moment, but when we first started doing it—when we were long distance—we did it often.

For me, I was surprised that I could actually get pleasure from it depending on the toy we used. I get an endorphin rush from the power trip knowing that I can fulfill a fantasy for him because we communicated about wanting it. The second time we did it, he came hands free. Sex IRL: We talked to 6 couples who just really love pegging. Kelly Gonsalves Updated May 18, pm. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

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Women who love to peg men

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Sex IRL: We talked to 6 couples who just really love pegging